by dave burhenn

Arizona. Kentucky. Dayton. It’s astounding to think that three elite college basketball programs can trace their success back to a small-town high school coach, Blackhawk High’s legendary John Miller. Coach Miller was just following his heart’s passion — using basketball as a platform for developing young players and future leaders — so little did he know that his two boys, Sean and Archie Miller, and their cousin, John Calipari, would grow up to lead those three schools to national prominence. But the same can be said for the doctors, lawyers, school teachers and CEOs he coached during his brilliant career. Even though polio and a subsequent accident left him on his back as a child, Coach Miller fought through adversity with an unbreakable spirit and a relentless will to succeed. Today, his legacy extends from tiny Beaver Falls, Pa., to some of the most famous sporting venues in America. All because of a ball. A dream. And a tireless work ethic. So let’s roll back the clock for some never-before-told stories on the first family of hoops — it’s “Miller Time.”


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