by Rochelle L. Stern

For a young child, the diabetes of a beloved family member can be both bewildering and disturbing. But how can a complicated disease like diabetes be explained in language that is both simple and reassuring? Can Mom Have a Piece of My Birthday Cake? does just that as it follows seven-year-old Abigail Ruby in her quest to understand her mom’s diabetes. Along the way, Abigail not only learns a lot about diabetes, but also discovers ways in which she can play an active role in helping her mother stay healthy. This spirited little book, written by a young mother with diabetes, uses the simplest language along with charming illustrations and fun activities to encourage a healthy dialogue in families personally affected by this disease.

“In working with adults with diabetes, I have found that a good number of them find the many facets of the disease too complex to explain to their children. Here is a book that will give them the vocabulary they need to make talking about diabetes a piece of cake!”
— Sandra Byer-Lubin, Certified Diabetes Educator and Nutritionist,
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Hamilton, NJ


“Diabetes can be a confusing disease from a child’s point of view. They know you cannot freely eat food containing sugar, yet they see that at times you need to eat sugar to feel better. This book will help make clear to a child how diabetes affects you, and provides useful ideas on how family members can help to make things easier. If I had had a book like this when I was eight years old, I would have understood much better my diabetic neighbor’s way of doing things. Highly recommended.”
— Ragnar Hanas, M.D., Ph.D., Consulting Pediatrician, Uddevalla Hospital, Sweden


“We have finally come to acknowledge in recent years that diabetes affects not just the individual inflicted, but all those around them—children are no exception. Ms. Stern has written a beautiful book that tackles the difficult subject of diabetes through the eyes of a child. That is what makes this book so special. I can think of no greater compliment to its worth than to say I wish my own brother could have read this when I was diagnosed.”
— Brian Foster, ADA Team Diabetes Marathon Coach and Diabetic Athlete

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