by Peggy Williamson

Beth’s Journey is a tale of courage and strength of the human spirit. In a writing style that is at once clean, simple, and beautifully authentic, author Peggy Williamson’s narrator is Beth herself. Beth is a teen age girl who comes of age on the family homestead in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. By the time she is seventeen and her brother, Newitt, is sixteen years old, they have lost both of their parents. Orphaned, the brother and sister decide to join a wagon train and head for Oregon in the hope of joining their uncle who had settled their earlier.

Beth and Newitt, who were taught well by their parents, are up to the challenges of the rugged trail westward. Williamson provides readers with well-researched and vividly depicted details of the rigors and dangers faced by pioneers who traversed the continent. Heat, storms, exhaustion, and illness plague the travelers but it is a brutal Indian attack that ultimately tests Beth to the limits of her endurance.

Beth’s Journey is a fresh look at our American experience and a tribute to our heritage.

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