by Eileene McRae

With gentleness and sensitivity, Home at Last explores the many challenges children face with alcoholism in the family. More importantly, it offers keen insights, practical help, and a spirit of hope. This is a must-read for children and families.

Jerry Moe, M.A., National Director of Children’s Programs, Betty Ford Center
Co-Author of Kids’ Power, Healing Games for Children of Alcoholics

Home at Last is a wonderful story for young children affected by alcoholism and addiction. Eileene McRae explains a difficult topic in a warm and whimsical way. This book will capture the hearts, and comfort the spirits of young children and the adults who read this story with them. This book needs to be in every child care center, elementary school, pediatrician’s office, and substance abuse treatment center!

Jill Hastings, Ph.D., Child and Family Therapist
Author of An Elephant in the Living Room for children of alcoholics

Eileene McRae has worked in the field of alcohol and drug rehabilitation for nearly thirty years. In 1991, she was named Alcohol and Drug Counselor of the Year by the Mississippi Association of Addiction Professionals. Her interest in addiction has carried her throughout the South lecturing to businesses, civic clubs, women’s groups and healthcare organizations. Throughout her career, she has maintained a special interest in children who live with familial addiction. Eileene is the wife of John McRae, MD, and together they have five children and 13 grandchildren. They reside in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, with their two golden retrievers, Hannah and Spencer.

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