by Billie Remson

Katrina and the Unforgettable Mississippi Autumn on Bluebird Hill chronicles the historic hurricane that bore down on south, central Mississippi making the autumn of 2005 one for the books. In this, the final in the four-part series of real-life tales by Billie Remson, Mama B and Papa Doc are suffering through the dog-days of summer while looking forward to the crisp and colorful fun of the coming season on the little farm they call Bluebird Hill. But all of their usual preparations and plans for autumn are pushed aside when the giant storm in the Gulf of Mexico takes aim on Mississippi and Louisiana.

In true Mama B and Papa Doc fashion, not a minute is wasted as the weather reports grow more ominous. Just as readers of the three earlier Bluebird Hill books learned about raising chickens, the birth of calves, and other wonders of farm life, so readers of this latest book will experience the realities of getting ready and hunkering down when a big autumn storm comes crashing in on Bluebird Hill. What to do with the little Bantam hens and roosters? Can the cows and their calves survive such a hurricane? Will Mama B’s Shelty dog, Bo have a melt-down?

The tension mounts as Billie Remson takes you through an hour-by-hour account of Katrina. In the end, however, when the sun returns to Bluebird Hill and Mama B and Papa Doc have put their little farm back in order, it is Mama B who discovers a true silver lining. It is this discovery that leads Mama B to a new endeavor and some cherished friendships.

Katrina and the Unforgettable Mississippi Autumn on Bluebird Hill takes on a life of its’ own and gives readers an autumn experience to remember.

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