by Billie Remson

A Mississippi Spring on Bluebird Hill is the real-life story of Mama B, Papa Doc, their beloved farm pets and the adventures they have on their little farm in south, central Mississippi. In this, the first of a non-fiction series written by Billie Remson, the new spring finds our characters just settled into their cozy farmhouse on their newly-acquired farm. The two are immediately charmed by a unique-looking squirrel who lives in a tree near their porch. Papa Doc names him Fritz and the little squirrel is an instant favorite.

Though Mama B grew up on a farm, Papa Doc lived his whole life in the city. But farm life and a farm wife are great teachers and readers see Bluebird Hill come to life through Papa Doc’s hard work and determination. Mama B is the guiding light of the farm and she begins to build their farm family with the adoption of the puppy, Bo and quickly moves on to filling the hen house with a delightful feathered family that keeps everyone hopping.

Billie Remson’s Bluebird Hill series gives young readers a view of real life on a farm and the true nature of animals and their ways as they move through the seasons in the rolling hills of south central Mississippi, observed, cared-for, and loved by the proprietors of Bluebird Hill.

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