by Billie Remson

A Mississippi Summer on Bluebird Hill returns readers to the pretty, little farm in south, central Mississippi where Mama B, Papa Doc and a Shetland Sheepdog named Bo enjoy the adventures of rural living.

Handsome Rufus, the rooster, still rules the roost as the little bantam hens continue to care for their biddies. The heavy rains and hot, Mississippi summer sun produces lush and rapid growth on the farm. Mama B and Papa Doc find they can hardly keep up with the mowing of the yard and fields. Pressure builds as two lively grandsons are due to arrive for a visit to Bluebird Hill, expecting to spend long hours out in the pond, fishing with Papa Doc.

This third book in the Bluebird Hill series, taking readers through the seasons, paints a vivid portrait of Mississippi’s legendary summers, complete with a real whopper-of-a-thunderstorm and a growing turtle population that threatens to spoil the fun of fishing in the pond.

The solution to the mowing dilemma turns out to be some exciting additions to the Bluebird Hill family but will Papa Doc agree to having newcomers? And however will they solve the pesky turtle problem? Read A Mississippi Summer on Bluebird Hill and find out.

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