by Barbara Fisher

Who would not want to be a king? The Lion is the king of the jungle and can frighten other creatures with his loud "Roar!" He has glamour, power, and prestige —everything! Or does he?

Nobody's Lion is a charming tale of Freddie the lion who lives in a toy box. The other stuffed animals, like Lambie Pie and Petunia the skunk and Amelia the cat, stay away from him. Freddie roars and his "subjects" cower with frightened faces and trembling paws.


Freddie roars because he thinks that is what he should do. He is full of bluster, but inside he is a very lonely creature. Lambie Pie, on the other hand is shy . . . Over the years, she has belonged to one child or another. Once she was even put out at a yard sale! She feels like an orphan.

Nobody's Lion is a wonderful story of courage, goodness, and friendship that will delight every child and will instill a sense of what is truly valuable in life. Nobody's Lion will become everybody's Lion. This is a delightful children's book for ages infant through ten.


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