by Carol Connelly

Tookie thought he was king of his yard.

He didn’t think it – he knew it and when something or someone would invade his little kingdom, he would let loose with what he thought was a ferocious bark. Except – Tookie looked like a miniature fluff ball and his bark wasn’t exactly what you would call ferocious. But that didn’t stop Tookie from barking his displeasure when the neighbor’s cat, Midnight, used his yard as a daily shortcut.

Midnight wasn’t at all like Tookie. He could explore the neighborhood and do whatever he wanted but Tookie had to stay in his yard. They had nothing in common until the day Yellow Cat wandered into Tookie’s yard. Then Tookie found out that even though he and Midnight weren’t friends or anything alike, Midnight was willing to be there to help when Tookie was in trouble.


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