by Geno Peoples

Mission Statement
I believe success can only be achieved through hard work, perseverance, and through the Grace of God. Furthermore, I believe that we are no more than the tools that powers the special gift that God gives us all.

Since the 911 disasters, I have felt a deep sense of pain for the families and the ones who lost their lives on that tragic day. Simply said, I am just a simple proud American who had an idea that helped me find a sense of comfort. Nothing can replace the horrible memories of 911. Not long after that tragic event, I had a haunting but gratifying dream. Instead of waking in a fevered chill, I awoke proud, full of American pride. I dreamed that I was a hero, something innocent and pure, born of God. I felt as though I was a modern day Samson. That was the day I felt compelled to share my idea with the world. But having never written a book, many years would pass. Finally, after many sketches, I begin to paint my hero. Somewhere during the process, my passion overflowed to the point of writing the book. With God on my side and plenty of determination, I went forward and never looked back! My greatest hope is that after you read my book, you find peace and comfort in your heart.

Geno Peoples was born and raised in Panama City, Fla. He is the oldest of five sons and has two wonderful parents, Eugene and Mary Peoples. His son Nick is the joy of his life. He presently resides in Panama City where he makes his living as a local Artist

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