On August 11, 2011 a flash flood on a busy Pittsburgh street took the lives of Kim Griffith and her two daughters, 12 year old Brenna and 8 year old Mikaela, leaving behind a husband and father and two other children. This tragedy took them from their family, their friends, their neighbors, their scout troops, their church, and their community. All that seemed to remain was the sorrow that was felt over the whole city. But this deep sorrow was miraculously softened when friends, neighbors and loved ones banded together to build a living memorial that beautifully reflects the spirit of giving and joy that so defined Kim Griffith and her family.

Kim’s Caring Cookies: A Legacy of Giving cookie cookbook serves as a as a lasting testament to the hope and love that can come out of such a tragedy. Kim Griffith dedicated her life to her family and to her community. The cookie making event that started just months after the the deaths of Kim and her daughters, served as a way to to find comfort in doing something that Kim and her children had always done. Included in the book are all the recipes made at the past three annual cookie making events as well favorite recipes from family and friends. The cookies and the proceeds from this cookbook will be given to charity in Kim, Brenna and Mikaela’s names, proving that out of sorrow, joy, love and a giving spirit can prevail.


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