An Historical Novel of the American Civil War
by Wayne E. Taylor

Prior to the Civil War, the tranquil village of Academia, Pennsylvania, encompassed the Tuscarora Academy and the Tuscarora Female Seminary. David Evans, a local resident of Half Moon, attended the academy, where he met Abigail Volker, a southern belle from northern Virginia. As they fell in love, the world around them escalated into a deepening split between the North and the South.

They observed in awe the reaction of the South to the election of Abraham Lincoln as the president, and the creation of the Confederacy. The young lovers' dreams were shattered, and they faced a real test of their love as Abbey returned home to Strasburg, Virginia, and they were separated by five valleys.

With flags, bands, speeches, and songs a whole generation of Americans went off to war to fight each other; one exception was David Evans. Due to parental opposition, he didn't join Company A of the 49th Pennsylvania Volunteers until the fall of 1863 after he had completed his schooling. David observed fellow Tuscarora Academy graduate Stephen Pomeroy as he rode from Chambersburg to Perrysville to deliver the message that Lee was moving towards Gettysburg.

David Evans's regiment was part of the Sixth Corps that participated in Grant's thrust towards Richmond beginning in May of 1864. The Sixth fought in the Battles of the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, and many of the skirmishes and battles leading up to the siege of Petersburg.

The Sixth was shifted to the Shenandoah Valley where they were involved in "The Burning." Circumstances allowed David to renew his relationship with Abbey as the war wound down. Later, the Sixth would be returned to the Richmond campaign.

Wayne E. Taylor is also the author of Hope on the Tuscarora and Hope Rekindled. He lives with his wife, Lucy, two children, and five grandchildren in the valley that he describes in his novels.

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