by gerald miller

What happens when an eighty-four-year-old woman gains legal guardianship of a ten-year-old boy? You get a story that will melt your heart and the reassurance that love often comes at the most unexpected times and during the most difficult of circumstances.

Anna Wilson is, by all appearances, an old spinster, but when young neighbor Robby Tate comes into her life, everything changes. At first, the young boy and Anna strike up an unlikely friendship when she hires him to do chores around the house; however, when tragedy strikes Robby at home, fate brings this unlikely pair together in an unexpected way, and nothing will ever tear them apart—or will it?

With a cast of characters as diverse as they come, they all learn one very important thing along the way: being loved gives you strength, but loving someone gives you courage.

So, settle in with a hot cup of tea, and come along on Anna’s Journey.



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