by lou vitti

corruption, danger, fine scotch, great food and romance against the backdrop of the steel city.

Drink While You Can drops you smack into the middle of a brutal tug of war to control the flow of liquor in Pittsburgh. Attorney Lou DeAngelo—“Counsellor” to his friends—must walk the narrow line between the demands he faces from those who uphold the law and those who prefer to work around the law.

Lou, who is also navigating a growing relationship with girlfriend, Lola, escorts her to Pittsburgh’s best-known eateries, run by some of his closest friends. Whether it’s with “Coompie” at Girasole’s or drinks downtown at the Carlton, Alexander’s in Bloomfield or meetings at the storied LeMont on Mount Washington, this novel is as Pittsburgh as it gets.

When one of his clients is murdered Lou reaches out for help from the old neighborhood and calls on connections he’s trusted for years. He must employ all of the skills he has acquired through his profession, including negotiation, diplomacy and plain old deal-making to keep himself safe, all the while, still enjoying a Manhattan or a Macallan with dinner at Franco’s or Cioppino’s.

Drink While You Can is high anxiety, seasoned with the street-wise wit only Lou Vitti can provide, while you yearn for the moment you can happily raise a glass to toast Lou and Lola.


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