by dave borland

What do you do when you realize the life you are living will soon cause you irreparable harm. Despair, loss of identity, and divorce were overpowering factors that contributed to Mark Sloan’s decision to pull up stakes and seek the life he knew lay dormant in his soul. He leaves the City of his life and drives over the Hellespont Bridge into a fog bound sea side port. There Mark meets three other travelers who are also at critical points in their lives. In a night of almost mystical proportions, Sloan decides to join this band of fellow seekers on a journey of discovery.

Dave Borland lives in Dormont, PA., a suburb of Pittsburgh. Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, he graduated as an English Major from West Virginia University. He has published novels, poetry, and short stories and is currently working on a new novel plus a collection of Haiku poetry.


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