by Wayne E. Taylor

In this highly anticipated sequel to Hope on the Tuscarora, we rejoin Robert Taylor in the Tuscarora Valley in 1760. Fort Duquesne and Quebec have already been captured by the British, and the fall of Montreal will bring an end to the French and Indian War in 1763.

Robert Taylor is forced to leave his beloved Tuscarora Valley during Pontiac’s Uprising, but he returns in 1766 to build a new life for himself against the backdrop of the birth of a new nation.

Central Pennsylvania will not hear the tramping of the British Redcoats, but the Tories and their Native American allies will bring death and destruction to the region. Heroes will emerge on the side of freedom, Robert Taylor among them.

Meticulously researched, Hope Rekindled is Robert Taylor’s story, but it is also a portrait of the courageous men and women who were the driving forces behind the American Revolution—including the Paxton Boys, James Smith’s Black Boys, and the Scotch-Irish settlers who were stirred by the anti-British sentiment of their Presbyterian clergy. Robert Taylor’s family, friends, and neighbors all make valuable contributions to the cause of American independence.

Central Pennsylvania will become home to a new generation of settlers of German heritage. Most notable among these are Zachariah Rice and Leonard Groninger, both of whom make a significant impact on the development of the Tuscarora Valley.

One of the most influential ministers of the time, the Reverend Philip Fithian, eloquently expresses his thoughts about this magnficent landscape, so rich in natural resources and history:

It is now sunset, and I am sitting under a dark tuft of willow and large sycamores, close on the bank of the beautiful Juniata River. The river, near two hundred yards broad, lined with willows, sycamores, walnuts, white oaks, and a fine bank—what are my thoughts? Fair genius of this water, O tell me, will not this, in some future time, be a vast, pleasant, and very populous country? Are not many large towns to be raised on these shady banks? I seem to wish to be transferred forward one century. Great God, America will surprise the world.

Reverend Fithian’s words are indeed prophetic. But while he imagines the future, let us be transferred back a few

Wayne E. Taylor is also the author of Hope on the Tuscarora and Hope Rekindled. He lives with his wife, Lucy, two children, and five grandchildren in the valley that he describes in his novels.

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