by Denis Flood

Marie took the late afternoon bus into town with a 12-gauge shotgun under her summer coat. Her kids wouldn’t be home until late as this was a campfire night. She sat stiffly in the back trying to avoid being goosed by the long barrel of Mickey’s prized Remington. She talked to no one. Marie stationed herself across the street from Charlie’s Grill, nearest the second hand store where she could browse unnoticed for the longest time. Under her coat Marie fingered the safety mechanism on the gun, repeating to herself again and again, “Back is safe, forward is fire, back is safe, forward is fire.

When Corporal Jackie Carroll’s body comes home from Vietnam, the family and townspeople of Peekskill, New York, try to cope with the loss of a son and star athlete. Flood brilliantly captures the spirit of a town filled with quirky and endearing characters whose animosities and friendships bring about an unexpected celebration. A fast-moving story that both charms and disarms. The Midnight Mile is a vibrant tale with a surprise ending that will move you to tears.

Denis Flood was a high school track champion who was wounded fighting with the Marines in Vietnam. After recovering from his injuries he went on to become the U.S. Marine Corps champion in track. As a walk-on at the University of Tennessee, Flood then earned a scholarship, became team captain and Southeast Conference (SEC) champion and record holder. He went on to serve almost forty years in the active and reserve military, retiring as a Navy Captain in charge of NCIS reserve forces on the West Coast. He lives with his wife and family in California. For more information on Denis Flood you can visit his web site: www.denisflood.com

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