by rita okoroafor

In her quest to escape the debasing life her mother and siblings live, Kaine decides to live a godly life. Far from seeing an immediate improvement in her life, however, she immediately begins to experience severe trials and tribulations.

From being raped to suffering an unwanted pregnancy and being expelled from school just as she is about to take her final secondary school exams, her life after making the decision to follow God is far from what she dreamed of.

Will her faith in God buckle in the face of the trials and hardships, leading her back to the life she wanted to escape, or will she remain steadfast in her walk with God, holding on to past miracles and being sustained by His grace?

Rita Esuru Okoroafor is a petroleum engineer with more than ten years’ working experience who is passionate about writing. Rita lives in Lagos, Nigeria, with her husband and two daughters.


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