by rudolph bruno

Early in the Twentieth Century, with Western Pennsylvania and other regions in the throes of the great migration from Europe, our nation and the world began to simultaneously experience events that would trigger the first, great world war.

During this period, a young Catholic missionary priest, Father Galileo Idando, would make his way from Italy to the growing communities of immigrants who were drawn to work in the limestone quarry districts not far from Pittsburgh. There, Father Idando would minister to the faithful, build a church and a life for himself.

RAMBLER TWILA REST takes us back to these beginnings when the newly-arrived priest meets the family of Doctor Leroy Vandarious and forges a lifelong connection with them. The Vandarious daughter, Kellyker, a nurse, whose deceased mother Twila, is woven through the story, figures prominently. Through the years, Kellyker comes to rely on Father Idando as she suffers the death of her true love, a long and dangerous search for her father and a deadly relationship with her uncle.

RUDOLPH BRUNO is the son of Italian first generation Americans who came to this country and settled in Western Pennsylvania. He was born and still makes his home in New Castle, Pennsylvania, not far from Pittsburgh. He and his wife Stella have been married for 63 years. They are the parents of Janet, Carole, Ron and Laurie and grandparents of Kevin and Valerie Misiuda, Brad and Sheila Dennis and Christy and Jamie Bruno. They are great grandparents to Vierra and Alexander Misiuda and Bronson Dennis.

Rambler Twila Rest is his life long effort in writing, beginning in junior high school and completed in 2015. Mr. Bruno turned 90 years old on January 1, 2016, and Rambler Twila Rest, was part of his life for nearly 75 of those years.

Mr. Bruno also wrote a previous manuscript, dealing with solders during the Second World War, but the manuscript was stolen as he and his fellow soldiers were preparing to return to the US from France. It was never recovered.


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