by lloyd Stamy

Hap Franklin, successful investment manager but also CIA operative, and Louise Porter, respected psychologist specializing in stress disorders, reconnect in surprising, rewarding and frightening ways while planning their high school reunion. Their unfulfilled adolescent friendship, foregone opportunities and separate lives unfold as they reveal themselves to one another, unexpectedly creating a robust and sizzling passion neither had imagined possible. Though compromised and thwarted by a Russian oligarch with a sinister and sordid past, their relationship flourishes, with both its tempo and crescendo increasing toward a dramatic, unforeseen and unimaginable conclusion.

Following a long career in banking and institutional investment management, Lloyd Stamy is even busier in retirement. A mediocre golfer, but avid gardener, he makes and produces music (including a recent six-CD collection of his mother’s radio recordings from the 1940s), serves on the boards of several corporate, performing arts, and charitable organizations, and manages a private family business.
He lives in Fox Chapel, a suburb of Pittsburgh.


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