by Jerry Haynes

The story of Caty Sage reads as if it had been lifted from a Hollywood script.

A five-year old girl who disappears from her family’s farm while chasing butterflies, a father’s incessant quest to find her and a mountain granny’s presage that would haunt him until his death, and a serendipitous meeting two-thousand miles away of a son, born after Caty’s disappearance, all seem simply too unbelievable to be true. But it is.

This historical novel combines early American frontier chronicles, parent’s unending love, the Scot-Irish mysticism and folklore of the early 19th century Appalachian Mountains, the perplexing relationship between the colonial white man and the Indian nation, and romance found and lost, into a tale that makes the Saga of Caty Sage a story for the ages.

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Appalachian writer Jerry L. Haynes grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia. After graduating from Fries High School in 1969, he attended VA Tech where he graduated with a Civil Engineering degree in 1977, after serving four years in the US Navy.

Although Haynes always enjoyed writing, he didn’t pen his first novel until 2006 when he self-published A Cotton Mill Town Christmas. He followed with his second novel, The Cotton Mill. Both were loosely based upon his growing up in Fries. He says his first two books are 1/3 fact, 1/3 fiction, and 1/3 just plain fantasy.

Next came two historical fictions. The Saga of Caty Sage is based on the epic true story of five-year old Caty Sage who disappeared from her Elk Creek, Virginia farm in 1792, and her family’s fifty year search for her. Mountain Justice is based upon the aftermath of the Hillsville courthouse tragedy of 1912 when a Richmond journalist, after the execution of Floyd and Clyde Allen, traveled to southwest Virginia to follow Floyd’s final wish for him “to find the truth.”

Haynes has written the non-fiction works entitled The All New, & Improved, You and Climbing Mt. Happiness: The Haynes Hierarchy of Hope and Happiness. He also presents these as a motivational seminars.

The author’s passion though is the work he does through his website /blog www.BringingHopeAndHappiness.com.

The author has spoken before audiences from Roanoke (VA) to Romania. He lives with his wife Judy in Dublin, Virginia and can be reached at handh_services@hotmail.com or through his website.

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