by Octavia Long

The Tuesday Table Ladies have returned, with all the force of the winter blizzard that blankets their Active retirement community.

Conversations at their Tuesday dinners are even more intense than usual as the friends begin to collaborate on a mystery novel and explore the intricacies of online dating. Real-life intervenes when a jewel thief burglarizes one of their neighbors and their friend Robert Symonds, a former foreign service officer, is suspected of murder.

There is much speculation about the identity of the jewel thief, but the Tuesday Table Ladies are more than certain that the gossips are dead wrong. Meanwhile, Robert enlists their help in proving his innocence as the evidence tying him to the death of a mysterious Russian in a Washington D.C. hotel room begins to pile up.

As Winter Comes moves to a conclusion, the three stories – the jewel robbery, the murder in Washington, and the fictional thriller being written – swirl around each other much like the blowing snow.



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