the story of the t.m. harton company
by mike funyak

West View Park! Just say the name and you’re fifteen years old again, at your school picnic, on a hot summer afternoon, riding the Dips, the Racing Whippet, or in line for Boot Hill or Davey Jones’ Locker. Or maybe your memories are of Danceland and the thrill of seeing the Beach Boys, The Skyliners or Guy Lombardo or just slow-dancing with your steady to “One Summer Night.”
For anyone who loves classic amusement parks, author Mike Funyak, whose grandparents met at Danceland, provides loads of never-before-published photos of the grand old park. But most importantly, while returning readers to the glory years of West View Park, Funyak also weaves the fascinating and true story of the Harton family, enriched by the fact that the family was enthusiastic in their support of his book project. 
When asked what inspired him to write about West View Park, Funyak said, “I don’t believe the family’s story was ever properly told.” 
Theodore Marshall Harton II had a dream of building and operating Ferris wheels and other amusement devices. While others told Marsh to give up on his harebrained idea, Harton pressed on and his genius and tenacity would put Pittsburgh on the map as being home to one of the world’s most iconic and beloved parks.

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