by dana latter

No parent wants to believe their child isn’t perfect, but when, by the age of four, her son couldn’t speak, Dana Latter had no other choice.

She burned through countless professionals, searching for answers and treatments but still, the reason her son wasn’t being accepted by the other kids, he couldn’t connect with his own father, and even her extended family avoided his company.

Doctors said her child was just a late bloomer. But Dana knew something was wrong. She took the matters into her own hands and set out for answers. Ultimately, she learned her beautiful boy had a condition called Sensory Processing Disorder, which means that his brain is not communicating with his body’s senses and when her second son was born she discovered he suffered from the same condition.

In her book, Dana describes the struggles of raising children with SPD and the challenges of finding a treatment that works. In time, leaning on alternative and integrative treatments she set out to rework the wiring in her children’s brains, leaning on cutting edge professionals to guide her through the complex but rewarding process.

After years of being lost, this mother found ways to help her sons flourish.


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