by Rita Okoroafor

Will freedom make Lola fall by the way side, or will it teach her what is really important in life?

Omolola Aderemi, an intelligent well-groomed Christian girl, has dreams of becoming a medical doctor. Everything in her life seems to be going as planned until tragedy strikes. Omolola’s beloved father dies. Her dream of becoming a medical doctor is threatened. Insistent on pursuing her dreams, she gets some financial assistance to attend the University she desires.

Her journey through the university exposes her strength of character. Without the guidance of parents and siblings, she has to face the reality of peer pressure, lust and drugs. She has to make decisions herself and face the resulting consequences alone.

Would she live a life different from how she was raised and conform to the popular way of life of students in the university? Or would she stay true to her parents love and god-fearing upbringing even though she feels pressured to fit in?

Rita Okoroafor is a Petroleum Engineer who is passionate about writing. Against the Perfect Will is her first novel. Rita lives in Lagos, Nigeria with her husband and daughter.


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