All My Tomorrows: A Story of Tragedy, Transplant and Hope
by Eric Gregory

No experience is worse than being a parent who has suffered the death of a child. It’s so horrible that the English language doesn’t have a word for it.

Chris Gregory, a nineteen-year-old Freshman at Loyola University New Orleans, had a girlfriend. He was rushing a fraternity and although he had had a rough first semester, he told his parents he was certain he was finally getting “this college thing right.”

One night during a casual after-dinner conversation about driver’s licenses, Chris’s parents learned that he had opted to become an organ donor. “What am I going to do with my organs after I’m dead? And besides,” he added with a grin, “who wouldn’t want this body?”

Life’s funny. One day, some kid is a happy-go-lucky college freshman, healthy as a horse, and another guy is standing at death’s door. And then in a matter of hours, they somehow trade places.

Chris collapsed and died of an aneurysm with no warning. Five people who had been near death lived to see another day because they received Chris’s organs. Eric Gregory, his father, wrote this book to chronicle this miracle of science and how meeting these recipients of his son’s organs filled a special need in their hearts that few outside the organ donation community can understand.


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