by Trevor Boyce

"On the inside, I caught the reform on the sandbar and found myself in an overhead wave…and pitted perfectly for a tube ride. It was the end of a half mile wave, the best I’d had since riding waves at Wilderness in Puerto Rico the previous winter.
Up on the beach, a fifty-five-year-old surfer pulled his ten-foot Bing triple stringer big wave board out of the water. The group of young surfers gathered on the beach, watching, wide-eyed with excitement, envy, and stoke.
I tried as hard as I could to maintain my cool, but seeing the look on these young surfers’ faces, knowing they had seen the whole thing, I lost control. I started screaming at the top of my lungs. The young surfers then all lost control and started screaming at the top of their lungs. Before long, everyone on the beach was screaming…It was a moment of pure joy that carried on for days to come.
There I was at fifty-five and still carrying the joy of the ocean that had been cultivated on the shores of Rhode Island many years before."

Trevor Boyce loves the ocean and he has for as long as he can remember. He has surfed many of the world’s beaches but his heart is always with the beaches of Weekapaug, Rhode Island—the beaches of his youth and the beaches that still represent home for him.
In this collection of stories, Weekapaug is both the backdrop and the protagonist for the wild and daring times of his life—surfing and adventuring as a boy, a teen and into adulthood. I think we can all relate to that one place that brings us back to a magical, memorable time.



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