by Carla Beth Howery

With grace, humor, and life-affirming reflections we are given a glimpse into a very remarkable woman’s life.

Carla Beth Howery received her original breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 44, and seven years later she learns her cancer has metastasized. These are her personal observations and musings sent via email  to family and friends—a chronicle spanning eight years of living with cancer according to her own terms. She refused to be defined by her disease. She was not a hero, she was not a victim. She was a woman who loved her life, her family, and her friends. Cancer was an obstacle; in Carla’s words “a growth, not a growth experience.” As she boldly looked cancer in the eye, she shared her thoughts, witty comments, and hilarious stories that left her devoted readers laughing through their tears. But as our laughter fades, we are left with a deeper understanding of the cancer experience and the oft-ignored sensitivities of people who are dealing with cancer.

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