by patricia varhola

I wrote this book about different people from all different walks of life—doctors, lawyers, architects—and a large portion of this book is centered around my life-long profession as a hairstylist. Many of these stories center around my clients over the past thirty-seven years, and I couldn’t have done it without them. I began writing this book while my son was in prison, and my experiences with the justice system—and just how unfair and drawn out the process can often be. All of this shaped the person I’ve become.

It began as a private, journal form of therapy and coping for me, but it soon morphed into a much longer, more intricate story about both the prison system, but all the colorful people who helped me along the way.

My spirituality and faith also helped me —and I want to thank all the people in my church for praying for me and with me throughout the years. In addition, the birth of my first grandchild, my grandson Robert, helped alleviate my pain over my son’s incarceration and gave me something positive and joyous to focus on. I also realized that God was really there for me during this whole process, and He intervened by sending people into my life to brighten my mood and change the course of my life. I never missed work that entire time. Work was my outlet, a way of escaping from all the stress.

Mainly, I have to thank God for allowing me to go through these hard times and come out a stronger, more resilient person. I’m also less judgmental in my day to day life, and now I can look at situations in my life and the lives of others with a different perspective.


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