Growing Up in North Fork, As I Remember
by Janice Blair

Back Home
Those two little words can stir up a myriad of emotions – everything from joy, celebration and hope to sadness, disappointment and grief. All sorts of memories come back to mind – births and deaths, times spent with family and close friends, good times and struggles. These are the things that make up a life well lived

For Jerome George Herzing – Jerry to his wife and friends, Dad to his eleven children and Pop to his many grandchildren and great-grandchildren – back home is Swissmont, a small hamlet situated along the West Creek in northwestern Pennsylvania, on the outskirts of the town of St. Marys. Much of Jerry's life was split between Swissmont and nearby North Fork, "a 9,000 acre outdoor paradise" where Jerry and his father both served as caretakers.

Written by Jerry's daughter, Growing Up in North Creek, As I Remember is an affectionate look at a time with the railroads and lumber mills were going strong, education was received in a one-room schoolhouse and summers were spent in a lazy haze of swimming, exploring and the exuberance of youth. Interspersed throughout this book are some of the poems Jerry has written over the years reflecting these cornerstones of his childhood as well as current events, faith, family and, most of all, his beloved wife, Esther.

In July 2010, after a lifetime of hard work and living life to the fullest, a family reunion brings Jerry back to North Fork. With his family gathered around, Jerry lovingly recounts a stream of memories, stories and anecdotes, including a special tale about losing a treasured gift from his father, an episode that has been a source of both pride and heartbreak for Jerry.

JANICE BLAIR resides in Northwestern Pennsylvania near her large extended family. However, she and her husband travel often to Pittsburgh visiting their two married daughters and their husbands. Also, she has traveled extensively, with her most memorable trip being a 10-day excursion throughout Israel.

Janice is an Air Force Veteran and she is professionally educated as an administrative assistant. She gave her heart to The Lord in 1980, and remains faithful to bible study and fellowship with other believers.

Not waiting for others or the government, she believes reform starts with her. Her goal in life is to encourage others. She does this by providing positive messages to help people overcome challenges within their daily lives. She is a firm believer that ‘What you feed grows and what you starve dies.

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