by susan evans

This book is a critically important contribution that highlights a woman’s journey with her husband in battling gynecologic cancer. It provides a raw and at times unfiltered account of a patient’s clinical course as well as the emotional challenges faced during diagnosis, treatment and surveillance. The narrative provides reflections on issues of fear, treatment, physician-patient relationships, and marriage that are all affected in women faced with this diagnosis. Women with gynecologic cancer will connect with Sue’s perspectives and be inspired by a champion survivor who has faced struggles and obstacles and ultimately achieved the success of remission. Spouses of women facing gynecologic cancer will acknowledge that faith and love will provide the “wind in the sails” needed to propel you and your spouse forward through unchartered seas.

Patient impressions often can go unrecognized by busy practitioners and this book provides some perspective from the “other side of the drape” that will guide gynecologic oncology specialists in their care of patients.

Testimonials like what Sue Evans has provided in her book are needed to generate discussion around women’s cancers “below the belt” that have been neglected for far too long. I plan to recommend the book to my patients and colleagues as well as advocates that are growing every day as part of the Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Movement and the sisterhood of women that have battled this disease.

Larry Maxwell, MD, FACOG, COL(ret) U.S.Army
Chairman, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Inova Fairfax Women’s Hospital
Co-P.I.: Department of defense Gynecologic Cancer Translational Research Center of Excellence
Professor, Virginia Commonwealth School of Medicine
Director, Globe-athon to End Women’s Cancer


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