A Surgeon's Memoir
by John Gaisford

Pittsburgh surgeon and author John C. Gaisford shares his fascinating journey through a medical career that spanned more than fifty years in his engaging life story, People, Medicine and Money: a Surgeon’s Memoir. Dr. Gaisford describes the beginning of his medical career, from his undergraduate work at the University of Pennsylvania in the 1930s, through Georgetown Medical School and his service as an Army doctor, including establishing a M*A*S*H unit in the Philippines toward the end of World War II. He explores his decision to become a surgeon, his entry into plastic surgery, and his specialty in burn care. He reminisces about the many opportunities he has had throughout his distinguished career to help people around the world.

The people he met along the way—the rich and famous as well as the humble and needy—fill his memoir with lively dialogue and unforgettable stories. Along with his serious contemplation of the relationship of medicine and business, Dr. Gaisford also includes plenty of reminiscences about golf. Readers will come away from this deeply personal and insightful memoir with a greater appreciation for all of the bright and resourceful surgeons who changed the face of surgery in the twentieth century.

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