Memoirs of Milada Marsalka
by Regina Stevenson and Catherine Nathan

Milada Marsalka traces her life from the time when Moravia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, through the devastating events of World War I when her father was killed in action, leaving her mother to support three children. Later Milada and her husband John returned to the United States as World War II was starting in Europe.

The deaths of family and friends during that war increased her resolve to do whatever she could to end global strife. Peace activities took her throughout Europe, to the island of Vieques, Fiji and Australia, and provided the opportunity to meet international notables including Czechoslovak President Tomas Masaryk, the Dean of Canterbury, Paul Robeson, Dr. Alice Hamilton and Cesar Chavez.

Her pursuit of peace transcended geographic boundaries and encompassed nearly a century. Although her voice has been physically silenced, her words endure in these memoirs.


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