by mary hunter jones

A sensitive and revealing story taken in parts from the author’s own life, a life that was filled with void and pain so strong for total forgiveness and fueled by a dark secret she carried for far too long before its revelation. Rachel’s salvation is in the beauty of Natchez along the Mississippi River and its people with their southern heritage of traditions and treasures. She writes of her work with southern treasures Rachel’s own siege with psychiatry and it causes, and what it revealed about Richard, her husband. Her writing is a reflection of a life that has been fine-tuned to deep perception thought psychology’s teachings. Part two of her story was cemented in the first half of her young life. She experiences two lovers. One is wine and roses. Her last love is a bond of trust and love. The total joy of her beloved son, Rafe, was until she almost lost him to Laura’s insecurities. She has her passions for the arts, antiques, and all that is beautiful. Her silent companion is her horse, Clearwater. Rachel has her final surrender to peace with love. Some parts are written in prose in her read diary. Truly a must read for any woman who’s felt betrayal, loss, love and the beauty of life.


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