by George Boyle

This book has just the right mixture of suspense, humor, excitment, human-interest and enthusiasm to hold the attention of the reader through each eye-opening chapter
- B.J. DeFazio, reviewer

A copy of this book should be on the shelves of every school libaray in the country. The author is an inspiration to our young people as a fine example of self-starting initiative.
- Don Riggs, TV talk show host

My goodness, George, what a marvelous tome you have written. You certainly have gone to great lengths to help the reader undersand some of the technical details of photography. I’m happy to be included in the events of your life.
- Fred Rogers, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

George Boyle has capitalized on being at the right place at the right time throughout much of his photographic career. He was there with his camera at all three of Pittsburgh’s Major Sports Highlights: Bill Mazeroski’s World Series winning home run in 1960 - Franco Harris’s Immaculate Reception in the Steelers - Raiders Playoffs in 1972 - Roberto Clemente’s 3,000 hit, also in 1972.”
- James E. Boyle, son and video biographer

My goodness, George! It is amazing how the two elements, love of photography and love of water, keep popping up to influence your career and your life. It is obvious that the combination of these two factors have been responsible for most of your facinating adventures.
- Dr. Joyce Penrose, review


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