by richard c. bell

What differentiates this book from other books on voting rights is that it is written by a participant in the voter suppression wars. The stories are real. This is not an academic or journalistic study. It describes the struggle from the battlefields of the polling places and the courtroom where Mr. Bell has spent his Election Days protecting voters’ rights for many years.

At a critical moment in the age of the dual challenges of a pandemic and a racial reawakening, everyone focuses on step one—protests, marches and raised consciousness. All great, but the time has come for step two—voting, that is the ultimate act of resistance. It turns anger into action and ideas into laws.
Mr. Bell, a New York City trial attorney, has used his skills, pro bono, to protect voters at the polls and in the courtroom from race-based, voter suppression throughout the nation. His journey lays out the challenges we face and the solutions we need to ensure free, fair and just elections for all.
Bell has been on the ground at the polls and in the courtroom defending people’s right to vote since 2004 in Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida. He will not be happy about voting rights until election protection attorneys like him are no longer needed on Election Day.
Richard Bell has been interviewed about civil rights and liability law by notable media outlets (CBS News, CNBC, Business Insider, SF Gate, The Laura Coates Show, The Jim Bohannon Show, This Morning with Gordon Deal, Middays with Perri Small, ABC7 San Francisco.)
Mr. Bell is also the author of New York City Accident Victims: Why Insurance Companies Hate When You Hire A Lawyer



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