by Craig A Garner

It has been a privilege and honor to have the opportunity to write poetry over the last thirty years and share it with as many folks as possible.  I have been on a mission to make a difference in folk’s lives by sharing an afro-centric viewpoint of the world via my poetry. This most recent offering is an collection of my favorite pieces. I began writing poetry as a therapeutic method of dealing with adversity in my life. Eventually it took on a life of its own as I grew and matured.

I was fortunate enough to experience the election of the first Black President of the United States. However, I was also unfortunate enough to experience the death of many young black men by the police or other young black men. Yet the major change that affected me in my lifetime was the technological innovations and their impact on our lives. Working for technology companies gave me the opportunity to see how it profoundly impacts everything in our lives.

Finally, my wife and I have been involved in politics as District leaders for over thirty years and helped many people get elected. These things have influenced my writings and therefore my journey through life.


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