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Welcome to Word Association Publishers!

Publishing books in PITTSBURGH


What's Your Story?

We are a premier, independent, self-publishing house, working with writers in all genres.
We offer authors, educators, artists, legal, medical, and business professionals a full range of publishing services—from book development, to ghost writing, editing, original book design, book printing, book marketing and promotion.

What makes Word Association the Best Choice For Your Book?

IN OUR THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF INDEPENDENT BOOK PUBLISHING, we have always believed in taking exceptional care of our authors. That means understanding that a book is a highly customized, original work, deserving of our full attention and finest efforts. It means we must honor the author's intention and vision while offering first-rate professional support services.

Our stable of editors is simply the best in the business. Our design team is second to none- just take a look at the book covers and smart interior designs. 

We fill book orders all over the world with authors retaining all rights to their books and receiving 100% of profits from direct book sales.

We believe in maintaining a relationship long after the book launch, even encouraging authors near and far to reach out to one another for advice and support. That is the reason a great many of our writers come back to us with their next book, and the next. How satisfying is that!

-Dr. Tom Costello, Publisher


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